Why am I writing a blog?

17th December 2020
Why am I actually doing this?
To be honest, even I don't have one particular answer to this.

Maybe it's because people are writing stuff about a lot of different things ranging from their life to observations.

It might be just because I find blogs people post online really cool.

Or I just want to improve my writing (I just wrote 5 sentences and you are already judging). And as a designer, it's a good skill to have.

Or it's good to just write down your thoughts and document a bunch of different things.

So, it's basically a weird mixture of above reasons + I didn't want to spend my free time just playing Valorant.

That's pretty much it, let's hope I don't just stop writing and write at least proper blog by the year-end.
Also, this is the one stuff here after Jan 1, feel free to remind me about it.

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