I am Anurag Krishna, currently a UX Designer at Zeta

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Selected Work 💻

Pawfect - Pet Adoption App
I designed this app as part of a design hiring assignment, the problem statement revolved around pet adoption.
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My design assignment
Redesigning a job portal page
My first design assignment for a UI Design internship at Procedure
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Virtual sceneUI/UX Design Project
Virtual Scene
An app concept designed exclusively for hosting webinars
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An app designed to help students sign up for events in their college.
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AR Filtrs
Short Project
A quick project I did last year to design a landing page to showcase AR filters
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Shout out🤝

Anurag joined us at Procedure as a design intern and shown some amazing progress in terms of understanding the problem and exploring the solution space. I like how enthusiastic he is when it comes to ideating solutions. He has been very active in the design community and tries to keep up to the new design trends and news in the industry
Anurag is always shipping and learning on the go. He’s someone who knows how to get shit done and also deliver quality design. He surely understands the importance of speed in a fast-moving startup and he’s great at communicating through his design….and his memes.

Writings ✍️

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23rd December 2020
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